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What our customers say..

In November 2019 we ran our annual customer survey. Our customers scored 23 questions relating to the environment, communication, nutrition and learning & development. We are really pleased to say that all questions were scored a minimum of 4 out of 5 or higher, with an average of 4.70. We are pleased to see a year-on-year improvement.

We asked our customers how willing they are to recommend us a childcare provision and again we are pleased to have scored an average of 4.92 out of 5.00. When asked how satisfied our customers were with the service they were receiving and they responded with an average score of 4.88.
Whilst we are very pleased to receive such positive feedback from our customers we strive to continue to develop and improve the service we offer. As such we have communicated to all of our customers a list of actions we intend to take, based on feedback we have received. We would be delighted to share these with you as part of a viewing of the nursery. 
Here's what our customers said about us:

"Overall, I am extremely pleased with this choice of nursery. I really think it's very well run and that everyone does an amazing job so thank you for all of your work"
"I love the relationships my children have built with the staff at Achievers - they are all so happy there! Thank you for everything you do!"
"Both my children have attended this nursery and they have loved it, thank you for all the hard work, you are great"
"Staff are incredibly dedicated - very cheerful in the room and a credit to the nursery"
"The communication with the staff is fantastic and we have recommended to many people"
"I can leave and have a lovely day knowing their needs will be met and we would like to say thank you"