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The EYFS Curriculum

We follow the EYFS curriculum, including pre-school. Children's development will continue to be monitored in accordance with the EYFS curriculum for the first year of school.

Seven areas of development.

The curriculum outlines seven areas of learning and whilst they are interconnected overall, they are split into two groups; prime and specific areas. The prime development areas are seen as the fundamental building blocks for healthy development and are seen as essential for future learning. These areas are prioritised and listed as: 'personal, social & emotional', 'communication & language' and 'physical development'. There are also four specific areas of learning and these helps provide children with knowledge and skills to support their transition to school. They are listed as: literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive arts and design.

Adult support

Within this framework, there is a requirement to support positive relationships, developing enabling environments and recognising children's individual needs. In addition, the EYFS curriculum also pays close attention to how children learn such as playing and exploring, being active, and through creative and critical thinking which takes place both indoors and outside.

Developmental milestones

The EYFS curriculum is broken down into age related developmental milestones and within the nursery these are tracked by the child's assigned Key Worker. Each and every developmental milestone can be reviewed in the Parent Portal. Over time, evidence in the form of videos, photos and comments will be recorded and this will inform summative reports which are completed every six months. The purpose of this report is to make an overall assessment of a child's abilities. 

How we assess children

Practitioners will assess children's knowledge, understanding and skills within their play and as such children are not tested. Practitioners will develop activities that are designed to support children learn and achieve their developmental next steps.