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  • office@achieversdaynursery.co.uk

Flexible bookings support working parents & carers

We offer parents and carers the opportunity to mix and match the days and times they require from week-to-week. The booking system can be accessed 24/7 and allows parents and carers to 'pay as they go'. We only have a few conditions to let you know about up front:

  • There is a minimum booking of two sessions (10 hours a week) excluding holidays.
  • Parents can book, edit or cancel up to Tuesday evening for the following week. 
  • Bookings after the Tuesday evening will incur a £15.00 late charge. 
  • Bookings after Tuesday evening will need to wait for confirmation.
  • Online payment terms and conditions will apply.

Flexible day nursery booking gives you control

The Parent Portal booking system gives you control over your childcare needs. Unlike many other nurseries in Plymouth you will be able to book variable days and times to suit your requirements. With our easy-to-use Parent Portal you will be able to, update details, make bookings and pay at your convenience.

Variable booking options saves nursery fees

Customers will be able to book variable days and times to suit their requirements. Our flexible booking system is well suited to both shift workers and those with standard hours. For those who work standard hours a saving of over 10% may be made by simply not having to pay for holidays.