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Promoting school readiness

Maximising learning opportunities

Our overall aim is to support children's emotional wellbeing and maximise their learning opportunities throughout the day. We provide a structured environment that balances the need for child-led and adult initiated activities to support all areas of the Early Years Foundation Curriculum.

We have high expectations of our preschool children and it is our aim to ensure we fully understand each and every child's interests and development needs. To do this we provide activities that are planned, purposeful and challenging.

When it comes to children being ready for school, we base our approach on the importance of children being confident, independent and inquisitive to learn. As such, we have embedded within our routines and practices opportunities for children to develop in these areas.

For example, we encourage children to share their experiences during circle time, support children to serve their own snack, recognise their own name, dress themselves as well as asking open questions throughout the day.