Nutrition at Achievers Day Nursery

    We believe that offering nutritious meals is an important part of supporting a child’s development and emotional wellbeing. That’s why at our Plymouth nursery we offer wholesome food to all children, cooked on-site, by our very experienced Cook. All meals and snacks are prepared using fresh ingredients and lots of fruit and vegetables.


    Home-style cooking

    Eileen has carefully designed our menus to  offer ‘home-style’ cooking which includes traditional meals as well as something ‘a little bit different’ to support children in exploring new foods.We currently have 23 vegetables and 10 fruit on the menu.To keep our menus updated we are always considering new ideas that meet the test of being nutritious, well-balanced and tasty. We rotate the menus on a weekly basis so that children who come on the same days each week get to try different meals. The weekly menus are displayed on the reception noticeboard.Our meal times are designed to be pleasant and enjoyable times for children.


    Special dietary requirements

    At registration stage we will discuss with you any allergies or special dietary requirements. Whilst we cater for many special dietary requirements you may be asked to provide meals where the nursery cannot accommodate your request(s).


    Mealtime offerings

    • Breakfast cereals are chosen along with toast
    • Morning and afternoon snacks are normally fruit 
    • Lunches vary on a weekly basis providing a range of traditional and modern meals
    • Only a light tea is served to avoid disturbing the family evening meal. 

    Milk and water are made available throughout the day and at snack and mealtimes

    Bread and butter is made available at all mealtimes.

    All meals prepared are without added salt or sugar.


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