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We have a great management team


Julie is our Nursery Manager and is responsible for managing the nursery operationally and oversees all seven childcare rooms. It is broad role and includes a key focus on maintaining a safe environment for all children, evolving and developing childcare practices, communicating with customers, coordinating events as well as ensuring training and development opportunities for all team members.

Jane & Emma

It is Jane & Emma's role to meet and greet customers and offer support to parents and carers throughout their time at nursery. They are based on reception and cover the full opening hours, ensuring there is always someone who available. Both Jane and Emma show prospective customers around the nursery, help to set up accounts and thereafter support with any booking queries or otherwise.


Kara is our Deputy Manager and has worked for Achievers Day Nursery for many years and has worked at our previous nursery too. Kara has worked in each and every childcare room and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. On a day-to-day basis Kara oversees and supports the Baby and Toddler teams ensuring children are happy and engaged. Kara takes the lead in liaising and supporting parents and carers, supporting children to transition to a new room, reviewing plans and routines as well as responding to first aid or medical matters. Kara also oversees the whole nursery in Julie's absence.

Tayler and Danielle

Tayler is our Tiny Baby Room Leader and Danielle is our Big Baby Room Leader. Tayler and Danielle are both very experienced, calm and caring and as such are very successful at settling children into the nursery. On a day-to-day basis Tayler and Danielle oversee the smooth running of the rooms, giving close attention to care routines, parent and carer communication, as well as supporting children's early development.


Sarah is our Head of Preschool and oversees the Rising 3's and two Pre-school teams. Sarah has many years experiencing leading a team and has a great deal of knowledge, passion and energy. On a day-to-day basis Sarah oversees and supports the teams to ensure children have fun and enjoyable experiences, as well as reviewing and evolving our practice to support learning as well as school readiness.

Jackie and Tracy

Jackie and Tracy are our on-site cooks and are key members of the team. On a day-to-day basis Jackie prepares breakfast, snacks and lunch with Tracy taking over in the afternoon providing snacks and tea for all our children. Jackie worked at our previous nursery. Both Jackie and Tracy freshly prepare ingredients and catering for children with special dietary requirements.