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Creating positive experiences for children

Settling in

It is our aim to support children to quickly feel safe, happy and secure in nursery.

Our aim is to support children to settle quickly and easily by giving consideration to their individual needs. We are focused on creating positive experiences for children and to support them to feel safe, happy and secure in nursery.
We believe that an effective parent / nursery partnership is essential to the settling in period and as such we ensure there are a number of opportunities to share information and build relationships during the settling in period.

What you can expect from the nursery

  1. You will be entitled to three free of charge settling in sessions for your child's first week at the nursery
  2. A meeting will be scheduled with the Room Leader around 6 weeks before starting nursery to discuss a settling in plan
  3. The Settling in Checklist will be completed to ensure all relevant information is known about your child
  4. A Key Worker will be allocated and will take the lead on liaising with you and supporting your child develop positive experiences in nursery
  5. The Key Worker will provide updates to you when the child is attending their first few sessions