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  • office@achieversdaynursery.co.uk

Terms & Conditions

  1. Although notice will be given of any significant price increases, please note that changes to the pricing can be made at any time. Before paying for your bookings please check that you are aware of and happy with the price being charged. This is always shown on the booking page.
  2. Any payments made into the nursery bank account by whatever means will be credited to your child's account. Although this will normally be done on the next working day please allow enough time for funds to reach your child's account. Extra time might be required over Bank Holidays or when the nursery is closed over Christmas.
  3. Refunds for any cancellations will be credited to your child's account. Cancelations made after Tuesday evening for the following week are not permitted.
  4. Children either sick or excluded under our sickness policy will not receive a refund either during the week they are sick or after the Tuesday evening for the following week. Parents can cancel or edit their own bookings in the case of a longer term illness.
  5. Credits in your child's account will not be repaid to parents until the child leaves.
  6. For terms and conditions of Nursery Education Grant (NEG) funding please see separate guidance sheets. These terms and conditions are subject to change by Plymouth City Council. We will make information of any significant changes available to parents. Parents should attend for the full number of hours they are claiming. Any funding claimed back by Plymouth City Council for whatever reason will be deducted from the child's account and become due for payment.
  7. Bookings can be made, edited or cancelled up to the Tuesday evening of the preceding week.
  8. Bookings cannot be cancelled or edited after the Tuesday evening of the preceding week.
  9. All bookings made after Tuesday evening for the following week will be subject to a £10 late booking charge. In addition to a late booking charge bookings made after Wednesday evening for the following week will be subject to availability and a confirmation email or telephone call. If a late booking is unavailable the booking will be deleted and any funds paid will be credited back to the child's account.
  10. We reserve the right to recoup monies paid in the event of an administrative error.
  11. All late bookings made will be subject to the late booking charge even if they are in addition to bookings previously made for that week.
  12. Bookings requested by email or phone will only be accepted if the child's account is in credit or has a zero balance.
  13. In addition to the hourly rate, a late collection charge of £20 will be made for children collected after 18.00hrs. An additional £20 will also be added for each additional 30 minutes.
  14. Children collected late during working hours will be charged to the next hour.
  15. The online booking settings for editing and cancellation are subject to change and reasonable notice of such change will be given.
  16. Bookings made online need to be submitted and paid for within 4 hours. Bookings not submitted and paid for will automatically be deleted. Correctly completed bookings will show as 'confirmed' on the parents home page. Multiple weeks bookings can be paid for with a single payment at the end.
  17. Parents need to ensure that bookings are made for every week required. For any weeks not required please advise to avoid reminders. A' no bookings required' option is available online.
  18. No liability will be accepted for any loss incurred by parents for them not being able to use the nursery for any reason. This would include but not be limited to; act of god, nursery closing by decision of either the nursery management or that of a third party, refusal of access to either the parent or collector of the child, any inability to use the booking system, any failure of the booking system, rooms being full or late bookings.