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- Hellos and goodbyes

09 September 2016

Hellos and goodbyes: Due to our continuing growth we are pleased to be offering a warm welcome to several new members of staff. We are pleased to welcome Emma Cheetham, Amy Dixon-Higgins and Heather McCabe to our team.

Emma has a Primary education honours degree, with early childhood specialism. Amy has her foundation degree (Level 5) and is still continuing her studies at university.
Heather will be joining our wonderful Kitchen team. She will be assisting Jackie and trying some exciting new teatime options. A new tea menu will then be created using the most popular options

For revised room staffing, please see the table below:



Room Leader


Tiny Babies






Big Babies








Little 2’s






Big 2’s

























- Rugby News

09 September 2016

Rugby News: Rugby was a great success last year. In amongst the fun children are learning to follow instruction, having a good work-out and

importantly learning that they must work together. Unfortunately, the coach
Colin is no longer available. This year Little Rucker’s will be coming in each
Wednesday Morning to run the Rugby coaching sessions for our pre-schoolers,
between 10:00 and 11.30. For your reassurance the sessions at this age are non contact. 

- What a result for Marys Meals.

13 January 2016


Thank you so much to everyone at Achievers Day Nursery for your very kind donation of £5000.00 to Mary’s Meals Feed Our Future Appeal and for sharing in our vision that every child should receive a daily meal in their place of education. Thanks to the UK Government’s Aid Match scheme, we have been able to double your donation to feed more children!*

We are delighted that you are supporting the work of Mary’s Meals and, in particular, our Sponsor A School initiative in Liberia. Your school is Dowein Public School in Liberia, which has 399 children. As part of your sponsorship Achiever’s Day Nursery willreceive a report on how the children are progressing, as well as having words of their choice painted on a sign on the kitchen wall. 

I wish you could see the joy you’re bringing and the huge difference you are making to the lives of the world’s poorest children and their communities first hand—I feel very blessed to have been able to.

Dreza Mailosi is 79 and lives near Namatete Primary School in rural Blantyre, Malawi. He lives with his wife, his daughter and three young grandchildren. Dreza’s thin frame supports more muscle than you’d expect, because he works hard farming his small patch of land. He speaks quietly and with great wisdom. He never benefitted from formal education as a child and he’s very thankful that Mary’s Meals is extending its school feeding programme and bringing hope to children here, including his grandchildren.

He says:“Namatete Primary School is surrounded by three villages but children don’t go to school because of hunger. I think that it is very important that children get an education and go to school every day. I send my eldest granddaughter to school every day because I have seen the benefits of educating girls, so they can improve the lives of their families. To be able to send our children to school each and every day is like investing in something, so that in future, they can hold our hands.”

Earlier this year, we announced that more than 1,000,000 now receive our daily meals in their place of education; a joyous fact that would not be possible without your generosity. But with 59 million children still out of school and many more suffering hunger, it’s clear that our work must continue.

Between now and 28th December 2015, the UK Government will match any personal donations made to Mary’s Meals, meaning that every gift to the Feed Our Future Appeal can be doubled.

Thank you once again for your generous donation to our Feed Our Future Appeal.

*Please note that your own personal donation will go towards your Sponsor A School project, however, Mary’s Meals will use the additional money received from the UK Government, through match funding, to extend our school feeding programmes in Malawi and Zambia to feed more children who are in need of our help.

- New living wage

15 September 2015

Please see this link regarding the New living wage

- 2-4 year old Funding

15 September 2015

Increase the hourly funding rate for 2-4 year old's in early years settings.

The funded rate for 3 and 4 year old's has not increased since it was introduced 10 years ago, and the rate for 2 year old's has decreased. Meanwhile, the cost of providing quality Early Years Education continues to rise on an annual basis through wages, rent, utilities and resources costs.

To assist us in pressurising the goverment to pay a fair price, please could you sign the petition below and share on social media.

- Rugby Fun

26 August 2015

Rugby Fun

To coincide with this years Rugby world cup , Colin Stewart from rugby4kids will be coming in for the older 3’s and Preschoolers.Sessions will run on Monday and Friday afternoons .Rugby4kids is an exciting new way to develop children's physical and social skills through non-contact rugby sessions whilst having lots of fun along the way! Taking part promotes participation in physical activity and healthy lifestyle. Rugby is the ideal sport to give your child the building blocks for future physical development and the sessions incorporate a full range of physical and motor skills.

Please see for more details


- Hellos and goodbye….

26 August 2015

Hellos and goodbye….


We have waved a fond farewell to Emma from the Two’s room, who has left us to move back to her hometown.

And due to our continuing growth we are pleased to be offering a warm welcome to several new members of staff. To accommodate our new staff, facilitate training and to best use this valuable resource you will

             notice that several members of staff will be in new rooms.

You will get to meet all new members in their rooms and please see our updated staff photo board.


Emily will be the new room leader for the rising 3,s in what has been Kirsty’s room

Kirsty’s children will be moving with her up to the preschool room on the upper floor.

Shammi will stay with her group in the same room.

- Government funding

26 August 2015

Government funding

A new term means new funding forms will be required for all funded 2’s, 3s and 4s, so please ask Jo or Jane at reception for your form to complete. If your child has not been previously funded we will also need a proof of their age (birth certificate, passport or red medical book) or Me2 funding letter.


- Reminder

29 April 2015


Please make sure that you are receiving the help you deserve from either tax credits or childcare vouchers. Also be aware that some 2 year olds can receive their free 15 hours funding from the term after their second birthday.  Please check the notice board for eligibility criteria. Lastly don’t forget that the current childcare voucher scheme is ending for new applicants this autumn for a less favourable scheme, so don’t miss out.


- The Team

29 April 2015

Firstly, as you may be aware we have recently recruited a number of staff members due to the ongoing growth of the nursery. As such we wanted to make sure you know who we all are. A new staff photo board has been ordered for reception. We would also like to wish Sam all the best for the future as she has decided to leave and will be moving to Scotland. At the same time we also welcome Annette who will fill Sam’s position working in the 2’s room.


Nursery Manager



Allan, Jo and Jane








Amber (Room Leader)

Small babies: Kara and Katie

Big babies: Tayler, Paige, Chloe, Michael and Caitlin

2’s Rooms

Carol (Room Leader)

Emma, Sam, Alice, Beth, Issy and Ashleigh

3’s Rooms

Shammi and Kirsty (Room Leaders)

Joanne, Lauren, Regga and Danielle


Emily (Room Leader)

Sarah and Luiza


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