Education at Achievers Day Nursery

    The childcare rooms in our Plymouth nursery are designed to support individual learning needs. The wide variety of resources and activities offered are planned to suit the age group and cover all seven areas of development outlined by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. 


    Getting to know children is really important to us as this means that we can understand what their individual learning needs are. We will always engage and work with parents/carers to ensure we support their learning and education.


    We actively promote learning by creating enjoyable experiences. A stimulating environment is essential for children to have fun, socialise and learn. We take time to carefully consider the room layout and activities to ensure they are inviting and interesting for children. 


    All learning and educational activities are underpinned by the aim to ensure children are well equipped with the skills and understanding needed for their first steps into school.



    Incorporated within room planning will be a mix of child-led free play and structured adult-led activities. It is important that children have time throughout the day to socialise independently, create preferences and interests, as well as freely express themselves; this is best achieved through child-led free play.


    We also plan structured adult-led activities to introduce children to new concepts and experiences, develop their skills and understanding, and to engage with other children to maximise their learning. Along the way we ensure that children have examples of their work to take home so that they can share with their families and extend their learning. 


    Planned themes

    We reguarly select a new theme to further increase learning opportunities for children. We find that this approach helps to engage children in the learning process whilst also developing their understanding of the world and supporting activity outcomes. 


    Records of learning and achievement

    We actively build into our room planning opportunities to observe, monitor and assess children’s progress and development. Subject to parental permision we aim to chart a child's progresion using observations, photos and video's. Again subject to permissions this can be securely made available to parents when they login to our website. We would also like to speak to parents reguaraly and jointly review a summary of their child's achievements. 

    School leavers

    When the time comes we provide a transition document which will provide information to the child's new teacher.



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