What you need to know about our nursery in Plymouth

Equal Opportunities 

The nursery takes great care to treat each individual as a person in their own right, with equal rights and responsibilities to any other individual, whether they are an adult or a child. The nursery is committed to providing equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice for all children and families according to their individual needs. 

Behavior Policy

The Nursery does not use any form of physical or corporal punishment. Smacking or shaking is not permitted. Any reprimand/sanction takes account of the age and development of the child.  Children misbehaving will be told, “No.” This will be reinforced by other staff and the reason why the Behaviour is unacceptable explained. Parents will be asked to become involved to help improve repeated unacceptable Behaviour.

Mobile phones or camera devices

There is a strict policy in place that all parents/carers must familiarise themselves with. Parents/carers are not permitted to use any mobile phone, recording device or camera on the nursery premises.


A no smoking policy is in force. Children are not exposed to the harmful effects of smoke. Smoking is prohibited in both the building and on the grounds and parents are asked to respect this. We only employ non-smokers and this remains a condition of their employment.


We do not store medication. Any medication must be brought in on the day and be for a specific purpose. Parents who require us to administer medication will be required to complete an authorisation form. Please refer to our Medicine Policy for full details.


If your child is unwell, please do not bring them to the nursery. We aim to provide a healthy environment and are prohibited by regulation from caring for sick children. Sick children brought in inconsiderately can result in many more children becoming ill resulting in parents having to take time off work. Please refer to our Sickness policy for details. 


For safety reasons please ensure your child is free from jewellery whilst at nursery. There is a strict jewellery policy in place for both staff and children. The nursery will contact the parent / guardian in any case where a child that is found wearing jewellery. The nursery will not accept any liability for lost items and will take steps to ensure the policy is not breached. Our main concern is that of young children and babies swallowing items or injury being caused.

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